7.5oz Compostable Water Cooler Cups

Compostable Water Cooler Cups £38.90 +VAT per case of 1000

Biodegradable 4oz Water Cooler Paper Cones.

5000 cones  £48.50 + VAT per case.

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4oz to 16oz Single Wall White Paper Cups

7.5oz Compostable Water Cooler Disposable Cups & Cup Holder

4oz and 16oz Compostable Single Wall White Paper Cups

4oz to 16oz Kraft Ripple Paper Cups

8oz and 12oz Paper Cup Lids

Paper Cups Online


We have been supplying papers cups since 2007 to the “to go” market and we have developed an extensive range of products to meet the needs of our customers. You can buy from us single wall paper cups, double wall paper cups, ripple cups, and now we are adding compostable paper cups and lids to our range and we will over the coming year be replacing all our cups with this new range.

If you’re looking for something a little more customised, be sure to take a look at our branded paper cups – these can be used to deliver your company’s message to your customers and simultaneously raise awareness of your business.

Paper Cups & The Environment


Paper cups are now are an important part of life in the 21st century, but of late there has been a great deal of controversy on the effect upon the environment . Whether you’re walking to the bus stop in the morning with a cup of coffee, or stopping by your favourite eatery over your lunch break, paper cups are an indispensable tool in dispensing a range of hot and cold drink.  But now there are a wide variety of paper cups on the market, including biodegradable paper cups and compostable disposable cups, all of which are designed to  protect the environment, so if you need any more information on which  paper cups would suit your needs and their recycling just call us on 78765 40674

Compostable Disposable Cups


The disposable and single use products in the market place is exploding due to our increase in coffee consumption, especially in the Out Of Home environment. Additionally, with the increasing awareness of plastic pollution the use of  cups that are environmental friendly has also taken on a new meaning. Our focus is to supply  compostable disposable coffee cups , so as to ensure that we protect the environment by reducing the amount of carbon produced during production and also to use less precious wood stock. Our new range of cups are made from 75% sugar cane waste and 25% wood pulp and are lined with PLA, (poly lactic acid)  a natural starch and being totally compostable they can be put directly into the green bin after use or the food recycling bin.  Yet again another step forward in cutting waste. This new range conforms to the standard EN13432 for compostability.